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General information

Last years the biggest changes in society arise in connection with the introduction of information and computer technologies. Science is needed for IT for its further development and IT provide new tools for basic research. Therefore reports focuses on to the solution of urgent problems of IT, such as:

  1. Human interaction and information system , argumented reality.
  2. Structuring and development of global and local networks.
  3. Parallel processing , improvement of performance computing after Moore’s Law End

and basic research using modern computational resources, such as:

  1. Optimization problem , the use and improvement of the genetic algorithms and artificial neural networks.
  2. Research and development of algorithms and their parallel versions , use and development of mathematical tools for their research.

Scientific program

  1. Research and development of algorithms and their parallel versions.
  2. Optimization problem.
  3. Design and architecture of computer systems and networks.
  4. Microcontrollers and their applications.
  5. Digital communications.

Organizing Committee

  1. S.D. Pogorily, DSci, prof.
  2. Yu.V. Boyko, PhD, assoc. prof.


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