[:en]Medical Physics[:]


General information

What is Medical Physics? This is unification of fundamental knowledge in physics and understanding of the general principles of the human body operation. That is why medical physicists are so important. They will not only professionally operate complex machinery, but also create a new, developing promising areas. A notable number of experts, both domestic and foreign, believe that in the coming years medical physics occupy a leading position in the development and application of new technologies, including imaging and X-ray imaging of internal organs, the therapeutic effects of physical fields, information and cognitive technologies in medicine and nanotechnologies.

Scientific program

  1. Topical Issues of Clinical Dosimetry
  2. Lasers in Medicine
  3. Magnetic Resonance Techniques in Medicine
  4. Medical Electronics
  5. Nanotechnologies to Medicine
  6. Plasma Medicine
  7. Radiation Safety of Humans and Environment
  8. Tomography and X-ray Imaging
  9. Physical Aspects of Introscopy
  10. Nuclear Medicine


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