[:en]Physics of Magnetism[:]


Investigation and usage of magnetic media have a long history. Nowadays this field of science and technology are rapidly developed due to wide usage of magnetic phenomena in the informational technologies, especially in magnetic storage devices.

A lot of scientists of Taras Shevchenko National University and institutes of National Academy of Sciences (in particular Institute of Magnetism, Institute for Theoretical Physics and Institute of Problems of Information Registration), scientists from the leading research centers of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, USA and Germany take part in the Section of Physics of Magnetism.

Scientific Program

  1. Spintronics
  2. Remagnetization processes, domain structure and domain walls
  3. Photomagnetic and magnetooptic phenomena in magnetoordered media
  4. Electordynamics of layered magnetogyrotropic media
  5. Spin-wave electronics
  6. Magnetic phase transitions
  7. Magnetic alloys with memory effect
  8. Magnetic liquids
  9. Properties, structure and processes of development of magnetic nanoparticles clusters
  10. Magnetoelectrical phenomena
  11. Micro- and nanomagnetic structures, magnetic nanoparticles, composites and metamaterials
  12. Nonlinear phenomena in nanoscaled magnetic systems
  13. Dynamics of solitons and vortices in nanomagnets

Organizing Committee

  1. Danylov V. V., D. Sc., prof.
  2. Kovalenko V. F., D. Sc., prof.
  3. Sheka D. D., D. Sc., prof.
  4. Nechyporuk O. Yu., Ph. D.,assoc. prof.
  5. Prokopenko O. V., Ph. D., assoc. prof.
  6. Sokhatskyi V. P. Ph. D.,  assoc. prof.


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