[:en]Physics Semiconductors and Dielectrics, Semiconductor’s Devices[:]


General information

The aim of the conference is to introduce the scientific achievements of professionals and exchange information, determining Hi-Tech developments of great practical importance for the development of materials for electronic and semiconductor equipment instrumentation

Scientific program

  1. New physical phenomena in semiconductors
  2. Physical phenomena in low- and quantum-dimensional structures
  3. Micro- and nano-electronics, quantum and nanostructures devices
  4. Modern physico-technological aspects of the optoelectronic devices and solar cells
  5. Superhighfrequency and terahertz electronics
  6. Materials science and technological aspects of the perspective semiconductor materials
  7. Semiconductor sensors and microsystems

Organizing Committee

  1. V.A. Skryshevsky, D.Sc., prof
  2. V.Z. Lozovski, D.Sc., prof
  3. O.K. Kolezhuk, D.Sc., prof
  4. V.V. Ilchenko, D.Sc., Associate Professor
  5. A.G. Shkavro, PhD., Associate Professor
  6. I.I. Ivanov, PhD., assistant
  7. V.I. Piatnytsia, assistant


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