[:en]Radio Engineering and Communications[:]


General information

Radio engineering is a branch of science and technology devoted to the researches of electromagnetic oscillations and waves in radio band, methods of signal generation, amplification and transformation and also radio channel application for information transmitting as well as various methods of signal processing. Investigations in all those fields are especially important due to the rapid development of modern telecommunication technologies. Research and development of systems and methods for data technical protection are quite important as well.

Scientific program

  1. Radio signals and equipment for their generation and transformation
  2. Radio transmitting and receiving devices
  3. Radars, radio navigation and remote contro
  4. Modern telecommunication systems
  5. Technical protection for data in communication channels

Organizing Committee

  1. Reznikov M.I., PhD (Technics), Associate Professor
  2. Kelnyk O.I., PhD (Physics and Mathematics), Associate Professor
  3. Chetverikov I.O., PhD (Technics), Associate Professor
  4. Nikirin A.V., PhD (Technics)
  5. Soroka S.V., Assistant Professor


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