[:en]Surface Physics, Nano- and Microelectronics[:]


General information

In their practice mankind deals with the surface physics for a long time, using lubricants and surface active agents for changing the properties of the surface. The first attempts to develop a theory of surface phenomena have been made in the works of J.W.Gibbs, who first examined the surface as an independent subsystem that is different from the thermodynamic phases, between which it is located. This surface layer although it has a very small thickness, but is, according to Gibbs, a “phase”, ie the state of matter with his characteristic energy, entropy and other macroscopic thermodynamic parameters. Microscopic approach at studying the electronic structure and interactions of atoms on the surface became possible and have evolved explosively almost a hundred years after the works of Gibbs with the development of ultrahigh vacuum technology (necessary to obtain, control and storage clean surfaces) and, most notably, semiconductor and integrated circuits technologies. Switch-over to the latest nanometer- sized elements and the overall development of nanotechnology further increased the role of surfaces and surface phenomena.Apart from young scientists of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, the conference section traditionally brings together representatives of relevant institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Institute of Physics, Institute of Semiconductor Physics, etc.), the leading universities in Ukraine (in particular, Kharkiv, Uzhgorod and Precarpatian), some foreign laboratories (from Germany, Poland and others).

Scientific program

  1. General issues of nanoelectronics.
  2. Physics and theory of nanostructures for electronics.
  3. Nanostructured materials and objects.
  4. Methods of formation, diagnostics and study of nanostructures
  5. Quantum mechanical modeling in nanophysics and nanoelectronics.
  6. Nanoelectronic sensors and intelligent systems based on them.

Organizing Committee

  1. М.G. Nakhodkinv, Academician, DSci
  2. I.P. Koval, PhD, assoc. prof.
  3. S.P. Kulyk, PhD, assoc. prof.
  4. O.E.Lushkin, PhD, assoc. prof.
  5. V.M.Telega, chief of laboratory, PhD, assoc. prof.
  6. A.M. Goryachko, PhD


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